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With access to the park and sun terrace

In the middle of Baden-Baden you can enjoy the connection of all 3 conference rooms to the well-kept garden and hold your meetings with up to 64 people in peace and quiet. We take care of the perfect daily schedule. Non-stop.

Breaks on the park terrace, work groups in the park, receptions in the historic staircase and cozy evenings in the farmhouse parlor. You can use our hotel according to your gusto.

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40-90 sqm24-64 peopleConference folder download Hotel park
Conferences in Baden-Baden | Hotel am Sophienpark


90 sqm64 peopleair conditioned

The large salon is ideal for conferences, meetings, seminars, and trainings.
Two smaller rooms can be rented in addition.

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If you would like to break up into groups, seating is available in the historic stairwell or in the park.
  • Seminars in Baden-Baden | Hotel am Sophienpark
Park of the hotel in Baden-Baden | Hotel am Sophienpark


75 sqm49 peopleHotel park

The entire long side gives a view of the park and sun terrace. This makes the room very bright and fresh.

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We find the room ideal for smaller seminars, meetings, team trainings or creative workshops. It is often booked in addition to the salon.
  • Conferences in Baden-Baden | Hotel am Sophienpark
Park terrace at the hotel in Baden-Baden | Hotel am Sophienpark


40 sqm24 peopleHotel park

Our smallest conference room with a large terrace for intensive seminars, meetings, working groups, coachings and workshops.

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The conference room is often booked as an addition to create a quiet retreat. The room opens onto the park terrace.

Park Terrace | Hotel am Sophienpark

Park Terrace

5 work placesSun terraceTrees

Here, according to your needs, we can arrange everything for pleasant breaks or set up tables for additional workstations.

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Many events have already found a wonderful ending here, which everyone keeps in good memory. This is what our cuisine is famous for.

Park nights

Could a meeting end more beautifully than over a delicious meal?

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