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We have made a gastronomic selection for you for the city center, which you can easily reach on foot from the Hotel am Sophienpark. Now we are curious: Which is your favorite restaurant?

Baden-Baden is Germany’s gourmet capital, a mecca for gourmets because it has the highest density of quality restaurants. The press has been raving about it for years. Two starred restaurants adorn this image like diamonds.

We do not offer a restaurant in our hotel. Our strengths lie in the upscale banquet cuisine for parties or gourmet cuisine during conferences.

centralStarred cuisinehigh quality


Baden-Baden cultivates the art of cooking

Le Jardin de France in Baden-Baden, Eric Tran Quang


Augustaplatz 2, Tel. 07221 3007860

Le Jardin offers seductive star cuisine. Sophie & Stéphan Bernhard live their “cuisine de coeur” and the guests sit “très chique”. Some dishes are also delivered to the hotel upon request. From March 2022, you will find the star restaurant in the “Stahlbad”, a beautiful traditional house with a winter garden facing Lichtentaler Allee. In summer, you open all sides and sit virtually outdoors.

Photo: Éric Tran Quang

Maltes Hidden Kitchen gehört zu den jungen Restaurants in Baden-Baden mit einem Stern. Inhaber ist Malte Kuhn

Maltes Hidden Kitchen

Gernsbacher Straße 24, Tel. 07221 7025020

Malte Kuhn has now made a renowned name for himself with his casual fine dining restaurant. At the beginning of 2022, Malte’s Hidden Kitchen was awarded a Michelin star. The young team is passionate about fine cuisine. No wonder that word of the insider tip has spread quickly.

What is coveted as a coffee house during the day becomes a cozy restaurant in Baden-Baden in the evening. Please make your reservation early.

Photo: Malte Kuhn


Whether fine dining or simple – it tastes good! International.

Das Restaurant Nigrum in der Altstadt von Badne-Baden gehört zu den exklusiven Fine Dining Adressen


Schlossstraße 20, Tel. 07221 3979008

The restaurant owners come from the luxury liners of this world, where the 5-star level matters. Today they offer an international cuisine where the delicacies of this world come together for fine dining. Prepared at star level and served in an extravagant ambience.

The Nigrum is a gem in historic vaults next to the New Castle. Reservations are recommended. Please contact us for directions or parking.

Our guests are welcomed with a complimentary aperitif.

Photo: Restaurant Nigrum

Restaurant The Grill in Baden-Baden in the Casino


Kaiserallee 1, Tel. 07221 3024691

It is the best proof that Baden-Baden certainly exudes urban flair. You will find this exclusive restaurant directly in the casino, walk through the venerable gambling halls and then arrive behind the former theater hall at this extravagant interior: sophisticated, stylish with a touch of Paris of the 70s.

In this ambience, discerning gourmets enjoy sophisticated international cuisine with sushi and beef specialties. Mentioned in Fallstaff, 03 January 2017, “Baden-Baden, rejuvenation cure for a spa town”.

Photo: Atelier Altenkirch

Das neue Fischrestaurant All Blue bietet Sushi Spzialitäten und Pan Asiatische Küche von herausragender Qualität


Seilerstraße 1, phone: 07221 8030244

Baden-Baden has become one attraction richer in 2023, the Seafoodbar is already a legend. Ceviche and sushi are specialties that prepare for fantastic main courses. If you prefer to eat your sushi at the hotel, they do have a take away.

All Blue is a fictional sea where the currents of the 4 oceans North-, East-, West- and Southblue unite. A place where all seafood and fish can be found, just like in this extraordinary restaurant.

Photo: Dinh Tuan Do

RIZZI the Restaurant

Augustaplatz 1,  phone: 07221 25833

Here you  find one of the most beautiful outdoor terraces facing Lichtentaler Allee and an atmosphere like on the Côte d` Azur. Delicious French and Italian Mediterranean cuisine with selected wines, fine cocktails at apero time and now and then great parties.

Feast on oysters or Tuna Carpaccio, pasta from the manufactory, Sicilian Burrata or Entrcôte of Black Angus beef and we guarantee, it will not stop there.

Photo: Torben Beeg

Heines Wine and Dine Baden-Baden


Merkurstraße 3, Tel. +49 173 2786051

Young, fresh, inspiring. True to the house motto: “We are the ones who put fun in the glass and pleasure on the plate.” Michael Heine, Julia Haak and Frank Stefes share a common past at Brenner’s Parkhotel and, of course, an irrepressible desire for good creations and first-class wine. It is one of the youngest restaurants in Baden-Baden.

Photo:  Alexander Fischer

Heines Wine and Dine Baden-Baden


Merkurstraße 3, Tel. +49 173 2786051

Young, fresh, inspiring. True to the house motto: “We are the ones who put fun in the glass and pleasure on the plate.” Michael Heine, Tobias Steinweger and Lukas Geiger share an irrepressible desire for good creations and first-class wine. It is one of the youngest restaurants in Baden-Baden.

Photo:  Alexander Fischer

Monte Christo Weinbar Baden-Baden


Eichstraße 3+5, Tel. 07221 393434

The Monte Christo has earned a great name in the “gourmet” and “wine gourmet” world. Spanish specialties and tapas until midnight! Either choose the vaulted cellar with a small courtyard or the wine bar next to it, both equally special and romantic.

Photo:  Monte Christo Weinbar Baden Baden

Restaurant Leo Kirill Wagner in Baden-Baden


Luisenstraße 8, Tel. 07221 38081

Directly from our front door and once across the Leopoldsplatz you will already see Leo’s. A charming restaurant, light Mediterranean organic cuisine with a directly adjacent bar, which could also be somewhere in France on the Atlantic. It describes itself as a cosmopolitan lounge restaurant.

Do you like to sit outside and watch the action? Perfect. At Leo’s you can sit under the large umbrellas in almost any weather.

Photo: Kirill Wagner CITYSTUFF MEDIA

Schneiders Weinstube in Baden-Baden


Maria-Viktoria-Straße 2, Tel. 07221 9766929

“Life is too short to drink bad wine”.

Schneiders Weinstube welcomes you in new rooms and now offers a beautiful large outdoor terrace. It will continue in the usual quality with fresh, seasonal, regional cuisine and an excellent wine offer mainly from the Baden region, but also from all over the world. Here you can really get to know our Ländle. And because word has got around, we definitely recommend a table reservation!

Photo: Klaus Schultes

Restaurant Namaskaar in Baden-Baden


Kreuzstraße 1, Tel. 07221 24681

Do you like Indian cuisine? Sandeep Bakshi takes you to his homeland in his restaurant Namaskaar. The scent of oriental spices floats delicately in the air of this small, very well-kept restaurant and the chef himself, as a trained sommelier, recommends the right wines for you. If you prefer to be private and to yourself, you can also take favorite dishes as a take away.

Photo: Namaskaar Baden Baden

Le Bistro in Baden-Baden


Sophienstraße 4, Tel. 07221 32311

Do you want to sit outside at lunchtime or even into the night, eat a snack and watch the people in the pedestrian zone at the same time? Then you will feel at home at Le Bistro. Very famous are the game specialties from our own hunt.

Inside, time almost seems to stand still. You sit surrounded by photos of countless celebrities who have all been guests here and still are. Simply cozy…

Photo: Le Bistro Baden Baden

Geroldsauer Mühle in Baden-Baden


Geroldsauer Straße 54, Tel. 07221 9964680

You will find the new Geroldsauer Mühle on the way to the Black Forest High Road. The largest silver fir building in Europe quickly developed into a popular excursion destination because it simply offers everything: Beer garden with playground, rustic taprooms with a modern Black Forest flair, a permanent exhibition about the Northern Black Forest National Park and a mill market where you can shop extensively for physical well-being. Black Forest to enjoy there and to take home…

Photo: Morlock Fotografie

Weinstube im Baldreit Baden-Baden


Küferstraße 3, Tel. 07221 23136

Weinstube im Baldreit is the name of this gem in Küferstraße. This romantic courtyard is hidden in a typical alley of the old town. It is one of the best regional wine taverns and offers excellent Baden cuisine. Here you sit comfortably in one of the oldest restaurants in Baden-Baden.

Already in 1460 the Baldreit was mentioned as a bathing hostel, so you enjoy your meal on terrain rich in tradition.

Photo: Weinstube im Baldreit Baden Baden